Component ordering

In case of ordering conponents, please send pictures of the data plate and other identification markings on the machine or device and, if possible, of the defective component, along with the text of the order, to for accurate identification. We limit the size of images to no more than 1MB/pc. In the event of an inquiry or order for a component, please indicate whether you would like to receive it in person or request the
component as a package.

If you request it as a package and want to pay cash on delivery, the package shipping fee is HUF 5,000 + VAT in all cases. If the component is requested as a package, please always provide the exact billing and shipping name and address, and in the case of a company, please also provide the tax number. In the case of cash on delivery, payment is made to the courier by cash or bank card, in the case of personal collection by bank transfer based on the
invoice issued at the time of collection.

Order process: after receiving the above information by e-mail, we will provide you with a price offer for the component within 2 working days, with an expected delivery date, which is typically between 3 and 15 working days. If you confirm the price offer, we will process the order. In the event of an interest in a component or a request for a quote, we do not burden you with writing back that we have received your request with thanks and that our
colleagues will process the letter soon and respond with other similar messages, we will only respond in the same way if the quote for some reason exceeds 2 working days.