Quality assurance:

– Regular visits by service partners

– For service partners, we require that the replaced components should be kept for 15-45
days, they are collected as it is necessary

– controlling worksheets

– Keep in touch with customers, asking about satisfaction and rapidility

– Central contacts for customer complaints and notifications

– In consultation with clients, in certain cases providing clients with the director’s mobile
phone number

– In the case of extremely high repair costs and/or number of repair parts, increased monitoring of a service center operating in a specific area and investigation of the causes We have been working with most of our services for more than 10-15 years. Our cooperation is characterized by mutual flexibility and the quick resolution of problems primarily towards the customers. In the past 5 years, our company has not received any kind of customer or customer notification on the basis of which any procedure should have been initiated against the given service partner, nor have we received any kind of objection that should have been documented and in the course of which changes should have been made in relation to the operation of the company.

Technical competence

Our service partners and colleagues have the consequential qualification, education,
observation, vehicle, instrumentation and tools essential to perform the repair service

Our mechanics continuously participate in the proper professional specific trainings and
courses organized by the manufacturer.

We organize proper trainings for our services as needed and on demand.

For our services, we provide the suitable service documentation, handling and user manuals,
maintenance and installation instructions via the web.

We provide equal access to manufacturer websites for our services.

The repair colleagues are provided with special tools required for repairs, which are also
specified by the manufacturer, or are provided to them upon request.

If it is necessary, the Insurance Companies also provide training for service technicians and
mechanics related to their insurance products.

Repair deadline and component supply

In Hungary and Europe, the accepted and relatively well-maintained repair deadline is between 10 and 30 days, depending on the delivery time of components. Repairs exceeding 30 days are not uncommon in Hungary, because the delivery of components is very slow, even in cases where the manufacturer is located in Europe and is a well-known brand name. Unconventionally, our goal is to carry out the ordered repairs as soon as possible

IT system

We are able to use an online communication interface that is already in operation and is also used by insurance companies to handle notifications and complaints.

The system is suitable for: recording data related notifications, recording quotations, uploading documentation, the system records entries per user by date, hour and minute. Each user can log in with their unique username and password.

Resource background

Central IT system for communication with services and partners.

Service-level and central components warehouse and components procurement from manufacturers, brand representatives, brand services, foreign services, Hungarian and foreign components dealers The consequential technical background and documentation is guaranteed

Service network

 We work with more than 70 ervice partners. Nationally, we are mostly in contact with brand services. If a service center is not a contracted partner of the given brand, it may entrust the local competent service center with the inspection and repair.

Therefore, our service partners also perform local service coordination tasks in some cases.

The members of our service network carry out repairs through our center, which means that we provide a „one-stop” service to our clients, assuming full responsibility for the service.

Our service partners perform their activities as subcontractors. In addition to our contracted partners, we are in contact with approximately 30 service providers, giving them occasional orders. In addition, we can establish approximately 40 service connections relatively quickly, if the number of repair requests increases to such an extent that the current service capacity is insufficient.

Currently, in Hungary practically (with very few differences) the same service partners provide the repair and service activities for all clients. The service centers are usually concentrated in the larger cities, in these cities there are 2-3 service centers for the given type of device. There is no such thing as a service coordinator having his own service network or a service network that provides  services exclusively for him. For this reason, it happens that one or two service stations in one big city are the local partner of every major market player.

From the perspective of  subcontractors, EXTENDED WARRANTY SERVICE Kft.  (SERVICE-COOP
Kft.) stands out on the market in that it has been in continuous contact with its contracted service providers for 25 years now and maintains smooth and fair cooperation with them. Many players have appeared (and some can still be found) on the market during this time, which have disappeared, because it is  not possible to operate in the long term in a way that does not set fair conditions for  service providers in terms of fees, accounting and professional cooperation. This is how the brand services also  act, and for this reason we can
safely say that a fairly good  relationship has developed in this area as well between EXTENDED WARRANTY SERVICE Kft. and the brand  services and the rural service network.

Unfortunately, there are  adventurers in this field, which may benefit the Customer in the short term, but in the longer term, it worsens customer satisfaction and sooner or later increases costs and operational risk on the Customer’s side.

We communicate with our service partners by phone, e-mail, and through our own
developed website. Downloading the worksheet and ordering parts, as well as access to the
documentation, are done via our website. We operate a central customer service for handling reports, technical support, and handling complaints. Our services are primarily located in larger cities. Upon customer request, we can provide service in many European countries.